Monday, 1 February 2016

10 things to do in your garden this Feb

The weather in February can be pretty dreary at times but it is well tended to, there's no reason why your garden can't provide a bright spot for you this month. Spring is just around the corner and in order to make the most of the bounty that a spring garden has to offer, now is the time to put the hard work in (or hire someone like us to do it!) There's loads to be done before things start growing again; realistically it's only a few weeks time before the growing season starts kicking off.

Our top 10 things to do in the garden this February are:
1. Clean/Jet spray algae off of wooden garden furniture and stone patios
2. Mulch garden beds
3. Apply fertiliser to plants that have been hard pruned
4. Prune whisteria
5. Coat wood furniture with oil
6. Cut back summer-flowering clematis
7. Hoe through areas of loose gravel to disrupt first weed seedlings
8. Finish pruning roses
9. Top up food and water for garden birds
10. Prune off old stems of herbaceouds perennials

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