Thursday, 14 April 2016

North London Garden Clear and Tidy

4 people 1 day: Turn overgrown, uneven, bramble-filled dump into a level, child-friendly garden ready for grass seed. 
  • Removed and dismantled broken green house 
  • Removed 24 metal shelves
  • Removed brambles
  • Dismantle and remove shed
  • Pruned trees 
  • Dug up and removed concrete and stones from grass 
  • Levelled grass 
  • Fertisilised and lay grass seed
  • Edge flower beds
  • Move and transplant 6 rose bushes
  • Move and repair compost bins and water butts
  • Hoe, deadhead and weed flower beds
  • Lay and edge paving stones in lawn
  • Trimmed Ivy and climbers back
  • Jet spray

Before and After: